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Conservation of rare species and their habitats is always a challenge for a nature scientist to plan and to implement. When every action must be considered with a special caution while looking for the most effective solution, sharing of knowledge and experience among scientists with similar experience becomes especially important.

Projects for conservation and management of veteran trees, wooded pastures and other habitats for species dependent on veteran trees (where good condition of a habitat can be indicated by the hermit beetle) were already implemented in several European countries. Experience and knowledge acquired in these projects is very important for the specialists from the other countries, who work in the similar range.


Therefore, knowledge shared and acquired during the study tours, workshops and conferences organized by Lithuanian Fund for Nature and their partners that are together implementing project "Ecological network for Osmoderma eremita and other species dependent on veteran trees" will have positive impact on ensuring the success of the project implementation.


Besides, Lithuanian Fund for Nature itself has more than 15-year experience in research of veteran trees and their conservation, had done several projects of rare species research and conservation, therefore seminars, conferences and practical training will be beneficial for specialists both in Lithuania and abroad.

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