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Lithuanian Fund for Nature

Lithuanian Fund for Nature (LFN) is an NGO striving for biodiversity conservation and restoration, and sustainable usage of natural resources. LFN has more than 15 years’ work experience in the field of conservation of forests, veteran trees and species related to them. Specialists from LFN participated in designating key forest habitats and evaluating their quality, preparing nature management plans for protected areas, assessing condition of old trees in Kaunas Oak Forest and nearby territories, implementing conservation plans for protected species, pursued research of new habitats of the hermit beetle, etc.


Lithuanian Fund for Nature is the coordinating partner in the project “Ecological network for Osmoderma eremita and other species dependent on veteran trees". LFN employees are responsible for coordinating implementation of the project actions and implementing most of the actions related to inventories of old giant oaks, assessment and maintenance of their condition, research of the hermit beetle, publicity, education of society etc.


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Daugavpils University Nature Studies and Environmental Education Centre

Daugavpils University is the biggest regional university in Latvia. Nature Studies and Environmental Education Centre performs practical research on biological variety and conservation as well as on environmental education, therefore has an extensive practical experience in establishing protected areas, preparing conservation plans for local rare or endangered species, plans of park reconstruction etc. During 2011 – 2016, employees of the centre implemented Nature project of EU financial instrument LIFE+ "Management of Fennoscandian wooded meadows (6530*) and two priority beetle species: planning, public participation, innovation", in which exceptional emphasis was put on old trees and the hermit beetle as their indicator species.

The main role of Daugavpils University Nature Studies and Environmental Education Centre in our project is related with sharing experience about conservation of old trees and endangered species associated with them, as well as research of the hermit beetle – improvement of methodology and equipment for as well as genetic studies of the beetle.

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Lithuanian Zoological Garden

Territory of Lithuanian Zoological Garden spans 15,66 ha. About 232 species of animals live here. 31 species are exotic or near extinction, while 11 species are listed in Red Data Book of Lithuania. Lithuanian Zoological Garden participates in breeding programmes of rare and endangered animal species – during the last few years in the specific conditions had already bred and released to freedom eagle-owl, lynx, European pond turtle, European fire-bellied toad. Also, various educational activities are organized here.


Main activities of the project in Lithuanian Zoological Garden are related with public education and reintroduction of the hermit beetle – such as educational events, gaining experience in breeding of hermit beetle, preparation of breeding methods, breeding of the beetle and releasing it into wilderness, also dissemination, sharing, publicity of the projects results and gained experience.

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Kaunas City Municipality

Administration of Kaunas City Municipality proceeds with tasks and decrees framed by the Council Board, also executes autonomously prepared development plans of territory as well as programmes of public administration.

Main actions of employees of Kaunas City Municipality in the project are related with re-establishment and maintenance of favourable condition of Kaunas Oak Forest – extermination of alien or invasive plants, installation of educational path and gaining experience for the future maintenance of favourable condition of Kaunas Oak Forest.

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