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One of the main aims of the project "Ecological network for Osmoderma eremita and other species dependent on veteran trees" is to restore good condition of the trees suitable for the hermit beetle as well as to ensure their long-term protection. However, it is often mistakenly assumed that we are investing only into protection of the hermit beetle. In fact, the hermit beetle is an indicator species. It is particularly choosy about environmental conditions since it can live only in hollows of broad-leaved veteran trees, and only if their trunks are warmed up by the sunshine.


Similar conditions are required by many others species dependent on veteran trees – Hapalopilus croceus, Lobaria pulmonaria, Elater ferrugineus, etc. Therefore, a tree populated by the hermit beetle is also a suitable habitat for more than 1000 species of other organisms. Besides, even for human beings – after all, long-living sturdy tree is a beautiful adornment of our land, a shelter and relaxing refuge for a passer-by.

It happens sometimes, that things which go without saying for biologists, for people who are less familiar with the laws of nature seem not important, not useful, or even harmful. Especially wrongly are valued habitat management activities, implemented in the areas often visited by people. 


Therefore, during the course of this project special emphasis will be put on the website of the project and social networks.the public education – introducing importance of veteran trees to nature and humans. For this purpose, informative material will be distributed, public events organised, lessons in Lithuanian Zoological Garden taught, educational trail in Kaunas Oak Forest established, informational boards in the areas of the project built. The project, its purpose and significance of our activities will be presented in the mass media, in the website of the project and social networks.

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